Monday, 20 August 2007

Belated update - sorry !

Much has happened in the last few weeks and the blog doesn't seem to have been up there at the top of my list - for which I now apologise.
Amelia has continued to compete well, running and jumping her way into more medal-winning positions. She recently obtained her first International Vest for Wales when she competed in the Celtic Games in Northern Ireland - a gold and silver in her first international is a real achievement.
Tom has been spending loads of time with his friend Bobby who has now moved to Somerset. Tom then spent 10 days with Bobby's family there too! Tom's now back with us, but another trip can't be that far off!
Robert has been occupying himself over the holidays and had various attempts at tidying his room and customising his bike! He has stayed with his friend Blake in Dorking and spent time with his London friends as well.
Bob's heart rhythm has, unfortunately, gone back out of whack. I think this may have been expected by the doctors and the operation to correct this (hopefully permanently) has now been set for the 27th of September (this will be the second of three procedures). We have been warned that the operation may need to be repeated - possibly several times - for it to be deemed a success and then he can have the hole in his heart closed. That procedure, however, is awaiting a biodegradable device becoming available properly and not just at the trial phase as it is at present in the UK. We will keep you informed.
And finally Anne is getting her head around the Falklands War of 1982 - yet again - as many memories have once more been brought to the surface with the 25th Anniversary of the war and lots of media coverage and commemorations. This has been added to with Anne meeting up with her ex-boyfriend, David Trish, and his wife in Yorkshire where Anne stayed for a couple of days at the end of July. David has lots of Falklands demons too (unsurprisingly, since he served in HMS ANTELOPE which was sunk), and Anne is trying to help David sort those as well as David helping Anne. Bob and Caroline (David's wife) have been really supportive of all of this and definite progress is being made on the 'madness' levels!!
The children are all back to school on 4th September, so we will try and update the blog once they have some more news to report.

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Mary-Jane said...

My maths teacher Wants to come to the olympics to watch amelia.