Monday, 10 September 2007

End of Season Round-Up

Amelia has just finished her season with a 75m hurdles win and a long jump win at the 'Lily B' Women's League Final at Kingston. She was due to compete in the English Schools Combined Events (Pentathlon) Championships in Exeter on 16 September, but has had a long and arduous season and both she and her coach feel it is one event too many - she is very tired and there would be nothing to lose or gain by competing in this event. The only loss is that she won't now be eligible for an England vest in Glasgow in December, but that is not necessarily a bad thing, since a competition in the middle of Winter training is not ideal. She has a very busy season next year, in her first year of Under 17 Women's competitions, so the decision has been made to call it a day for this season. Amelia's fine, but Mum and Dad are a little disappointed!!
The children are all back at school (all at the same school, Graveney) now and thoroughly enjoying the new challenges they are facing in their new years.
We all had a lovely holiday in Croatia - 2 days in Split, 4 days on the island of Vis (look it up - the furthest Croatian island from the mainland!) and 4 days in Krilo, just south of Split. Lovely country, lovely weather, lovely swimming and sunbathing!
The next major event on the horizon is Father's 80th birthday (21st) and the celebrations (22nd) before he moves to Ripley in Yorkshire for a year.
This is followed immediately afterwards by Bob's second (of three) heart operations. He is going in to St George's, Tooting for a left atrial ablation on 27 September and should be out the following day with a fortnight's recovery period. Fingers crossed that he only needs the one operation, but this procedure can take two or three attempts before the irregular heartbeat is back in normal rhythm for good. We'll let you know.

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