Monday, 9 July 2007

Busy Summer

Amelia (and the rest of the family) are having a busy summer so far ... Amelia took part in the London Youth Games at Crystal Palace at the end of June and competed in Tag Rugby (Wandsworth won) and also Athletics. She thoroughly enjoyed the rugby and was scouted for contact rugby with the Mitcham Bulls - she's still deciding whether or not to do it!
Tom is increasing his social circle to include members of the opposite sex and taking regular trips to TopMan and Oxford Street (and various other places that we find him only once we have called his mobile ... great thing this independence!) He is also, now, officially taller than Amelia and is picking up a free hair or two on his top lip with every centimetre he grows. His voice has not gone through the croaky stage, but it is definitely deeper. And, unfortunately, he has also just been diagnosed with vitiligo which is where your skin loses pigmentation and develops pale patches. It means he has to be careful in the sun and use a steroid cream for a while.
Robert has taken to cricket like a natural. His school team won the Wandsworth Borough competition to represent them at the Surrey Boroughs Cricket Final at the Oval. They made it to the second round before being knocked out (by only 3 runs!) but at least they can tell their grandchildren they played on the Oval's hallowed turf. Robert is also getting ready for his Primary School Leaver's Prom and a great day out at Thorpe Park before he leaves for secondary school in September; he will be joining Amelia and Tom at Graveney in Tooting.
Anne attended the Falklands 25th Anniversary Parade in London on June 17 and met up with some old 'Antelopes' as well as meeting Admiral Sir Alan West and Dr Rick Jolly (the latter was a bit of an ambition, as he is an amazing medic who saved many, many lives in the Falklands Ajax Bay Field Hospital during the conflict). She is travelling to Yorkshire at the end of July to meet with her ex-boyfriend David Trish (who served in HMS ANTELOPE) and his wife Caroline for a couple of days.
Bob is no longer suffering breathless episodes as his heart op #1 seems to have worked well. He is training daily and running sometimes with Amelia.
So, all in all, we are doing well and filling our time. Next update should be after the English Schools Championships on 13/14 July in Birmingham.

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Mary-Jane said...

Well done! It was good to see you at uncle andys