Saturday, 3 February 2007

Amelia's Winning Way !

Amelia took part in the Celtic Cup in Cardiff this weekend. The Celtic Cup is an international meeting with teams from England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. As well as the national teams, they hosted an invitational 60m race for the 16 fastest Under 17 women in Wales. Amelia, although only an Under 15 girl, was one of fastest, so she was invited to take part. The 16 runners were split into two teams, one sponsored by Swalec (South Wales Elecricity), the other by Spar Supermarkets. Amelia was on the Spar team with her arch-rival from the previous week, Hannah Thomas (also an Under 15), on the Swalec team.

There were two heats, with 8 runners in each heat from the same team. The top 4 runners in each heat (ie from each team) went through to the Final. Hannah was third in the Swalec heat, after Claire Williams and Sarah Dacey, both posting particularly good times, so the pressure was on for Amelia to perform well in the Spar heat. Bursting from the blocks, she ran to victory in 8.12s. The scene was set for an exciting Final.

Amelia lined up with the others for the Final 60m sprint at 4pm. Less than 8 seconds later it was all over. Amelia's previous best time for 60m, achieved last weekend, of 8.03s was smashed when she shot past the finishing line in 7.91s - ahead of the rest of the field, including Hannah Thomas!

Needless to say, she is thrilled with having overcome the 'Hannah Hurdle' (!) and having chalked up her place as the fastest girl under 17 over 60m in Wales this year! She was awarded a engraved crystal bowl and a sweatshirt for her victory and can be seen locally beaming from ear to ear!


JCW said...

Wow! I've just been showing this blog to Mary-Jane, who wants to say "Well done, Amelia!". We are all extremely impressed, and are obviously going to have to keep checking back more often! Good on you, girl!!

JCW said...

Hello Amelia Well done! From Mary-Jane