Monday, 29 January 2007

And Tom makes three ...

Tom moved into the limelight today when he competed in Year 8 - together with Amelia competing in Year 9 - in the London Schools Cross-Country Championship held at Parliament Hill in London. Both Tom and Amelia were representing the London Borough of Wandsworth through their school (Graveney).

Tom competed after Amelia's race, and came in a very respectable 38th out of about 200 runners. He was very pleased with the result, having sprinted past at least eight runners just before the finishing line.

Amelia, however, was involved in a small fiasco with her race. Graveney had not been entered correctly and, as Amelia's race was the first one to go, Graveney were not properly informed of the start! Amelia and some friends saw a group of girls running in the distance and realised this was their race! Stripping out of their tracksuits with lightning speed, they shot off and sprinted for most of the cross-country, although Amelia did slow to look after a friend who fell whilst trying to catch up. Not quite a medal-winning position - Amelia came in 128th! However, her two Sports Staff from the school protested about the organisation of the event and the unfair result, petitioning the Officials by telling them that Amelia would have done well in the race. They are requesting that she be allowed to represent London Schools at the English Schools Cross-Country Championships in any case, as she is easily up to the qualifying standard. We will let you know the outcome of this appeal when we get it!

Despite the mess-up with the entries and the races, we are very proud of the effort that Tom and Amelia put in today. Well done to both of them !


JCW said...

Hi Tom, and well done you - I've only just logged on and seen how well you did earlier in the week, so we shall be watching your progress with great interest. I think this blog is an excellent idea, as the girls can now keep an eye on how it's going for you all. Keep it up.

JCW said...

Hello Thomas Well done! from Mary-Jane