Monday, 23 April 2007

London Mini-Marathon

Amelia and Anne were up with the sparrows on Sunday morning for a 7.15am rendezvous with the Wandsworth Borough Team for the London Mini-Marathon.
The race was divided into age groups and Amelia was in the London Borough Challenge Girls 13-14 group, which set off from Southwark Bridge at 9.43am to complete the last 2.6 miles of the London Marathon course.
Amelia finished in a time of 18m 18s, although she did admit to not going at it full-blast. The system is that the Boroughs go off in alphabetical order, so being in Wandsworth, Amelia's group were some of the last to go. Having now competed for the first time, and the starting system changing for next year, she has said that she would have a more determined race next year!
However, she did compete on the day and has the Adidas London Mini-Marathon medal to add to her collection.

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