Saturday, 3 March 2007

Family News

Just a quick update on our family news in general.
Bob is away in Spain this week (until 11 March) with his friend Steve. They are exploring Andalucia by train, bus and taxi and sampling local foods and beers!
Anne is working five days a week for the next three weeks to cover for Rachel who is off to Sydney for a break. Anne works about five hours a day in an office in Putney as a 'Remote Secretary' to small businesses with no secretarial support or businesses who have an overflow of work. On 31 March she is off the Glasgow to take care of niece Izzie while Izzie's parents, Richard and Loddy, go skiing with Sam and Pip.
Amelia has just had her mock SATs and is figuring out her GCSE choices this term.
Tom is thinking of taking up pole vaulting, as well as spending copious hours on his X-Box 360, and also considering the possibility of his first hair-cut in two years!
Robert received his secondary school placing this week and has successfully got into Graveney School in Tooting, so he will be joining Amelia and Tom on the early buses in September!

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